NO EXCUSE FITNESS APPAREL was started after going through a rough time in my life. I was overweight, lacked confidence and was going through some personal struggles. I understood that I needed a change and decided to turn my attention to fitness, not only help me lose weight but regain my confidence, get healthy and ultimately become a better, positive person.


Initially, I looked for any excuse to get out of it but then in a moment of reflection, I said to myself that I need to change my way of thinking and push forward with all I got to accomplish my ultimate goals. I decided from that moment forward I will pursue my dreams with no excuses, failure was not an option, I was going to turn things around.


It worked!!! I found myself again through my journey and became a much happier and healthier person.


When I hit the gym, I leave all my worries behind and decide to focus solely on my workout. I developed a habit to workout routinely and eat healthy that follows me to this day. I now have a passion and love for the industry that has made me a happier and stronger person. I have met the most amazing people you can work with and have developed relationships that I will always cherish.


I got to a point that I decided to pursue something bigger and wanted to create something through my love of fitness and that was the start of NO EXCUSE FITNESS APPAREL.




As mentioned previously, we all have gone through our own fitness journeys and understand the importance of having strong determination, perseverance and endurance to accomplish your ultimate goals. We believe in a philosophy that regardless of how hard you get knocked down, you rise up and move forward with no excuses. The only failure in life is when you give in and refuse to keep fighting. When I went through my journey, I always kept a no excuse attitude therefore I developed this apparel line with this mentality.


We have your back regardless of your fitness level, it doesn’t matter to us, if your starting or have been working out for years, we are the apparel company for you. We encourage you to pursue your wildest dreams and stop at nothing to accomplish them. Have no excuses.




NO EXCUSE FITNESS APPAREL features standard and plus size lines for men and women.  We strive to create a product that is durable and stylish to withstand your workouts in the gym, complete that cardio in the park or wear casually as you go about your daily chores.  




We only have one life, we encourage you all to live it to the fullest. Life will have its ways to try to knock you down but don’t forget that its always darkest right before the dawn, you never stay down, you rise up and keep fighting for what you want with no excuses. Never listen to anyone that tries to put blame or judges you. You are awesome, beautiful, strong and are capable of so much more that you even know. NO EXCUSE FITNESS APPAREL is here for you every step of the way, so live happy, hit your personal gains and accomplish all your dreams with no excuses.